Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stopovana | Follow the Arrows by Petra Krejčová

I love short docs, something I can squeeze in during a lunch break and feel happy about. Yeah watching films between spoonfuls makes me happy. I am not that hard to please. So for today, I found a four-minuter and it did not disappoint.

Petra Krejčová 
2015 / Czech Republic / 4 min

these white arrows - signs of the times

A short documentary using man-on-the-street interviews or simply put, pestering passers-by for answers is about a bunch of arrows that litter a number of Czech city buildings.

Turns out if you really look into it, these arrows are in a sense historical tattoos. For some people, the arrows offer directions - back to the past and towards the future.

I actually wonder about the people who hid here. Hope most of them did survive.
You can watch the film Follow the Arrows by Petra Krejčová here.

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